Rats Nest Removal Services

Rats are also a very versatile creature which again also live throughout the UK. Like Mice, Rats also carry a number of diseases that have the potential to kill adults, children and pets. Rats are also renowned for multiplying very quickly indeed. If a rat infestation is not caught early, it can quickly spiral out of control, and in turn so can the costs involved with property damage etc. If you suspect that your home or business may have a rat infestation the contact us immediately so we can remove the rats for you.

The Signs of A Rat Infestation

Rats - Doncaster Pest ControlRat Nests: Rats make their nests from shredded materials such as clothes, cardboard, towels and fabrics. Nests can be found in crawl spaces, wall cavities, roof spaces and lofts, similarly to mice, if there is a rat nest in your property is is likely there is also young in the nest, so contact us to remove them for you.

Black Smear Marks: When rats move around, they tend to run along the edge of walls and skirting boards, because of their black, oily, filthy fur the will leave black smear marks along walls and skirting which is always a good indication that you have an infestation.

Scratching and Scurrying Noises: Similarly to mice, rats are most active at night time, so if you hear scratching and scurrying noises at night, this can be a good sign you have an infesations.

Faecal Rat Pellets (Droppings): Rat droppings are brown, cylinder shapes much like a grain of rice.