Ants Control and Ant Nest Removal Services

Ants are sociable creatures and live in large nests or colonies that they excavate from underground. Many people try to get rid of ants’ nests themselves without much success using things like ant powder but unless they are dealt with correctly you will find the ants will still be an issue. Ant’s nests need to be dealt with at the source (where the queen is based) to ensure the problem is dealt with correctly.

How To Identify An Ant Infestation:

Soil Excavation: Ants remove dirt and soil from underground to excavate their nests. They like to build their nests under flagstones, pathways, brick paving and anywhere else they can dig underground. You will see fine piles of dirt next to a small hole which leads down into their nest.

Ant Paths: Ants leave a trail of scent and pheromones as a signal to other ants where there is a source of food. You will often see lines of ants walking along these pathways which will usually lead to the nest.

Live Ants: See a large amount of ants in one area is a good sign that there is an ant nest nearby, you may also find ants inside your home searching for food.