Mice – mice infestation

Mice Removal

Mice are versatile and resilient creatures that can be found living throughout the UK. Mice infestation only tends to start becoming a problem for people during autumn which is when the mice start moving from outside to inside your property in the search for food and shelter. Mice enjoy warm, safe environments which have access to good sources of food. Mice carry a number of dangerous bacteria that could be deadly to both pets and humans, bacteria such as Leptospirosis (Weil’s disease) and Hantavirus. If you have an infestation in your home it’s possible they could spread these diseases to you through contaminating food stuffs and food areas.

The Signs of A Mouse Infestation

Mice infestation - nest removal - Doncaster Pest ControlThere are a number of indications that could suggest you may have an infestation, these are:

Smell of Ammonia: Mice leave a constant stream of urine and pheromones as they move around. Where there is a concentration of mice you may find a strong smell of ammonia so check in places like under the sink, in cupboards and under furniture for this smell

Mouse Droppings: Mice leave droppings where ever they go, their droppings are small, pellet shaped and roughly a quarter of an inch in length.

Mice Nests: Mice like to build their nests in warm places close to food sources so when they have their young they have a good supply of food whilst nursing. If a mouse nests in your home it is likely that the nest will contain young. You can check under fridge-freezers and other appliances in the kitchen where it is likely to be warm for mice nests.

Mice will always build their nests somewhere warm which is also close to some source of food, i.e your kitchen. If you do find a mouse nice in your home it is highly likely to contain young. The best places to check for mouse nests are under fridge-freezers, appliances and in the kitchen in warm and dry places.

Scratching and Gnawing: Mice have teeth that constantly grow, which means to keep them in check, they constantly need to be gnawing on something. For this reason mice can actually be quite destructive, if you find evidence of gnawing marks, or can hear scratching noises in the roof, floor or wall spaces at night, this is a good indication that you may have a mouse infestation.