Loft Flies/Cluster Flies

Flies in the Loft? Cluster Fly Control Services

Cluster files (or loft flies) are from a family of flies call Pollenia and are roughly 10mm in length. They tend to be a greyish colour and have golden hairs which makes them quite easy to identify. The tend to be slower in nature than their peers such as blue bottles and quite clumsy. You may see them flying into windows and lights and often landing on their backs and spinning around in circles. Cluster flies tend to move to loft spaces in Autumn so they have shelter throughout the winter but as a pest can easily be treated.

How To Identify a Cluster Fly Infestation:

Live Insects: Cluster flies tend to gather in large numbers in loft spaces and attics. If you have a significant amount of flies in your loft, the chances are they are cluster flies / loft flies.

Smell: Cluster flies in large numbers will give of a distinct sickly and rich smell

Faeces: You may notice a large amount of fly faeces in window frames and window sills, fly faeces are small black dots.