Bed Bugs Control and Bed Bug Removal Services

Bed bugs have nasty bites which result in larger and more painful sores than flea bites. Beg bugs are small, reddish, oval shaped insects and like to live in cracks in the walls, under loose wallpaper and other dark areas where they are able to hide and nest. Bed bugs are usually brought into your property after being on holiday and if left unchecked the infestation can quickly get out of control.

How To Identify a Bed Bug Infestation

Bites: Bed bug bites will out in large sores on the skin and will bite you anywhere on your body. You may have several bed bug bites in the same area which is where the insect has been feeding and then disturbed.

Bed Bug Droppings: Bed bugs leave red spots on bedding and bed sheets which is their excrement after feeding.

Blood Streaks and Smears: You may notice blood smears and streaks on your bed sheets, pillows and quilt which is where you have bled after a bed bug has finished feeding on you.